Below, some examples of new types of questions made for QuizFaber (from 3.0.5 version), that are freely downloadable and modificable.


Numerical answer question type (.XQC) v.1.0 - by Luca Galli

The answer is a numeric value that is admitted a tollerance.

Jigsaw question type (.XQC) v.1.0

In the example, a photo taken in Valle Stretta, Bardonecchia (Italy), divided into 4 x 4 pieces, to be reassembled.
Based on JqPuzzle 1.02, double licence GPL e MIT.
Original source code at:

Crossword question type (.XQC) v 1.0

An example based on "Fully Interactive Crossword Puzzle - HTML5", taken from the Mozilla Developers web site, licence MPL/GPL/LGPL.
Original source code at:


Hot-Spot question type (the psychologists) (.XQC) v.1.0 - by Luca Galli

A photo taken in Clark University (1909) of Worcester, Massachusetts, of famouspsychologists(includingSigmund Freudand CarlGustavJung), it is necessaryto recognize the faceofJungclicking on the picture.


In order to import into QuizFaber the downloaded XQC file, select the menu "Quiz", then select the item "New types of question" and, on the dialog window, press the push-button "Import".





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