Release 4.0.20
(3 March 2021)

  • Fixed some bugs, in particulare random ordering of answers

Release 4.0.19
(30 January 2021)

  • Changed the graphics of the quiz pages, modernized with the CSS Bootstrap framework and the jQuery javascript engine.
  • Saving of quiz results on local or remote server with Node.js technology (server-side javascript) and relational database (MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL).
  • Configuration update for saving quiz results sent to Google Drive spreadsheet.
  • Mobile-compatible quiz pages (smartphones, tablets), responsive graphics.
  • QuizFaber application can also run on Linux (with Mono framework).

QF first quiz


Release 3.1.2
(12 March 2016)

  • New management of authentication to Google Drive to set saving quiz results to spreadsheet.
  • Calculation of the final grade function can be customized.
  • Some bugs fixed.

Release 3.1.0
(31 January 2015)

  • Support to relational databases (data quiz into tables) : Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle
  • QuizFaber can publish the quiz directly on your web site, throught FTP protocol
  • Improved of graphical aspect of quiz page, using HTML 5 and CSS 3

Release 3.0.6
(16 December 2014)

  • New installing software procedure with only Windows User privileges (not administrator), compatible with most recent antivirus softwares.
  • Bugs fixing: error in saving the "mark round", if was different from 1.
  • Bugs fixing: by default, the highest number of questions changes from 999 to 9999 (but it could be increased as you wish).

Release 3.0.5
(29 June 2014)

  • Question type defined by user : with a basic knowledge of Javascript/html programming, you can write your own type of questions and embed them into QF.
  • The graphic aspect of "only a question for page" has been revamped.
  • Some bugs fixed.

Release 3.0.4
(14 May 2014)

  • Available the portable version of QuizFaber, called RD, for removable disk, without any installation on PC.
  • Export in Moodle : answer remarks are exported into XML file.
  • Bug fixed: failed creation of a new spreadsheet on Google Drive (due to changes in Google Data API).

Release 3.0.3
(20 April 2014)

  • Categories for questions : each question belong to a category. Before creating the HTML quiz, you can choose for each category, how many questions have to be included.
  • First version of import and export for e-learning platform Moodle, only for question types that are common for each other.
  • New graphics personalization for HTML quiz (menu Document > Page style), up to the editing of CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) for main html page.
  • New type "VLC Media Player" for multimedia objects.
  • QF graphic interface compatible with Windows font size set to 125% (medium) or 150% (smaller) respect to default font size (Windows desktop > right click > menu item "Personalize" > Display).



Release 3.0.2
(14 February 2014)

  • Integrated Web server with QF for saving of quiz results (zero configuration!)
  • New cryptographic algoritm for hiding the exact answers to questions.

QuizFaber HTTPD tray iconQuizFbaer HTTPD server


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