First QuizQuizFaber will allow you to create easily and rapidly multimedia quizzes in HTML with a JavaScript / jQuery engine, embedded in the HTML page.

All this is done automatically by the programme, which means that the user doesn't have to know anything about html tags or Javascript. This application, which runs under Windows and Linux (with Mono), is a quiz editor.

The HTML pages can be personalized in many ways: one can choose a new background color for the text of the answers, set a background image and sound that will be played with each question answered by the candidate.

Based on Bootstrap framework, all the pages are "responsive", it means that can be viewed also with small devices like smartphone and tablets.

The user can set a maximum time for answering all the questions, and at the end of the quiz, the student will be given a final mark, computed using the 'weights', associated with each question.

QuizFaber create and manage many different types of questions:
  • Questions with multiple choice, only one answer can be the right one.
  • Questions with multiple answers, one or more of which can be right, and it is possible assign points to each answer (a positive or negative value)
  • True or false questions.
  • Question with an open answer, that is to say a text box in which the student can write freely his answer.
  • Gap filling exercises: a phrase with missing words: a text in which some words have been replaced by empty spaces.
  • Matching words: there are two distinguished groups of words placed into two columns. The student will have to associate each word of the first group with one of the second.

QuizFaber allows his users to create an unlimited number of new (custom) types of questions, for example:

  • Jigsaw question type
  • Crossword question type
  • "Numerical answer" question type
  • Hot Spot question type
  • and so on........

Another key point of QuizFaber is the wide support of multimedia objects such as images, sounds or videos that can be joined to every question or answer, in a unlimited way.

Moreover, QuizFaber allows to store permanently the quizzes result. The main advantages are:

  1. Make a quiz not only a simple self valuation tools but a versatile program in order to store result of a quiz exam.
  2. Manage the student login, so only the registered user can take the quiz. 
  3. Build statistics of quiz results, for year, for student, for quiz.

There are different ways for store the quizzes result. They are:

  1. Saved on QuizFaber internal server , based on Node.js framework (javascript server side), can store results in a MariaDB / MySQL relational database, hosted into own PC.
  2. Saved on a web application in the cloud : the Node.js source code is provisioned externally, through GitHub service, to a cloud platform (Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Heroku, and may others). Many database types are supported : SQL Server, Oracle, MariaDB / MySQL, PostgreSQL.
  3. Saved on own personal storing space on Google Drive, in a spreadsheet associated with a Google web applicationThe quiz results can be exported in a CSV file and imported into QuizFaber.


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