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QuizFaber 4.1 in English

QuizFaber 4

The new major release of QuizFaber, the 4, has been released. Here are the main news:

  • Changed the graphics of the quiz pages, modernized with the CSS Bootstrap framework and the jQuery javascript engine.
  • Saving of quiz results on local or remote server with Node.js technology (server-side javascript) and relational database (MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL).
  • Configuration update for saving quiz results sent to Google Sheets (Google Drive spreadsheet).
  • Mobile-compatible quiz pages (smartphones, tablets), responsive graphics.
  • QuizFaber application can also run on Linux (with Mono framework).

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Published an update of the gscript of the web application that runs on your Google Sheet. This release manage correctly concurrent accesses (two or more candidates who finish the quiz at the same time).

  • For new users: "template" sheet already updated.
  • For users who have already created their own sheet: you have to update manually the script by downloading it from the following address:

For update, please follow the instruction here:

When the script will be deployes, the URL probably changes, so you have to update your quizzes with the new address.

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QuizFaber has a cost, that beyond the time spent for developing, it consist of the cost of a professional hosting service for this web site. Help us to make QuizFaber ever free!

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